Production and Use of Blast Furnace Slag Aggregate for Concrete

screens fine aggregate is produced by lightly crushing granulated slag to control the grain size and then classifying The technical development in Japan regarding BF slag aggregate coarse and fine for concrete began in the 1970s and coarse slag aggregate was included in the JIS system as JIS A 5011 Air Cooled

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14050 ISO 15686 1 ISO 21930 and the following apply aggregate n granular material of mineral composition such as sand gravel shell slag or crushed stone used with a cementing medium to form mortars or concrete Or alone as in base courses railroad ballasts etc ASTM D8 blast furnace slag n the nonmetallic nbsp

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slag in the metal The molten slag is allowed to cool and solidify Blast furnace slag and steel furnace slag are then crushed and screened to make the sizes with cement mortar Blast furnace slags can be used as aggregates although they are used increasingly as a cement admix ture because this use has a higher value nbsp

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This nonmetallic slag material can either be crushed and screened for aggregate use steel slag aggregates or sintered and recycled as flux material in the containing steel slag and is one reason why steel slag aggregates are not suitable for use in Portland cement concrete or as compacted fill beneath concrete slabs

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Air cooled blast furnace slag The material resulting from the solidification of molten blast furnace slag under atmospheric conditions Subsequent cooling may be accelerated by application of water to the solidified surface This material can be mined and crushed for use as aggregate in concrete or fill materi al but is not nbsp

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SSA for Portland Cement Concrete Pavements A laboratory study aimed at producing concrete with good properties using SSA was conducted by Manso et al 2004 Cooled and crushed slag was weathered for 90 days using a wetting and turning process The study showed that the crushed slag did not produce enough nbsp

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Air cooled blast furnace slag is a lump ore manufactured from molten from blast furnace slag by air cooling and appropriate water spraying The product is then crushed and screened in accordance with the specified application and sold as materials for road base course material rock fiber coarse concrete aggregates and nbsp

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Blast furnace slag is a by product from blast furnaces which is used to produce iron Blast furnace slag has been used extensively as a successful replacement material for Portland cement in concrete materials to improve durability produce high strength and high performance concrete and brings environmental and nbsp

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crushed stone aggregate from Velika Quarry is presented in the paper has been used worldwide for many years now and so numerous studies about its use and properties are now available Slag is mostly used in asphalt mixes although its good properties concentrated on the use of slag as aggregate in concrete

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power plants crushed over burnt bricks and tiles waste from clay and tile industry in plain cement concrete as an alternative to sand natural aggregate subject to fulfilling the requirements of the Code This Code further encourages use of fly ash and ground granulated blast furnace slag as part replacement of nbsp

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When crushed or milled to very fine cement sized particles ground granulated blast furnace slag GGBFS has cementitious properties which make a suitable partial replacement for or additive to Portland cement Additional information on processed blast furnace slag use in the United States can be obtained from

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pulverised and screened for use in various applications particularly in cement production because of its pozzolanic characteristics Steel plants utilise cold slag for internal consumption and also for outside sale The slag after cooling is crushed and used as road metal and railway ballast Granulated slag produced in steel

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9 Oct 2017 The results indicated that the durability characteristics of steel slag cement concretes were better than those of crushed limestone aggregate concrete number of works analyzed its potential use as coarse recycled aggregate in structural concrete both studying mechanical and durability properties of slag nbsp

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China Bangla Engineers amp Consultants Ltd We supply install and trial run all kinds of milk processing plants UHT milk plant Ice cream plant Butter processing plant Cheese laban processing plant etc Read more nbsp

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Architectural Institute of Japan Proposed Recommendation for Practice of Crushed Blast Furnace Slag Concrete 1978 Architectural Institute of Japan Recommendation for Practice of Concrete Making Use of Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag 2013 Architectural Institute of Japan Recommendation for Practice of nbsp

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Graded road base on its own or blended with other slags and or with other natural rocks and sands Crushed and graded for concrete aggregates concrete sand glass insulation wool filter medium and use under concrete slabs as a platform 2 By passing the molten slag through high volume high pressure water sprays nbsp

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SLAG IRON AND STEEL By Hendrik G van Oss can be accelerated with a water spray The cooled material is hard and dense although it can have a vesicular texture with closed pores After crushing and screening air cooled slag is used mainly as an aggregate for road metal road bases and fill concrete asphalt nbsp

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Oil Well Cement This type of cement is for use deep underground in extremely harsh high temperature high pressure environments such as in drilling oil and gas wells Slag Aggregates This concrete aggregate is obtained by crushing and adjusting the particle size of the slag generated as a by product of metal smelting

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wearing surfaces and concrete Since then two more A Guide to the Use of Iron Blast Furnace Slag in Cement and Concrete 1997 and □ A Guide to the Use of Crushing and screening slag which Base has been slowly air cooled Also Subbase available as uncrushed slag i e spalls Concrete aggregate or skulls

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Using figures already presented in this paper it can be calculated that the total production of all slags worldwide is approximately 6 per cent of the amount of crushed stone needed for concrete aggregate Although this is not a very high value application it would often be preferable to make constructive use of slag

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The solidified expanded slag is crushed and screened for use as a lightweight aggregate EXPANDED SLAG USES Lightweight masonry units lightweight concrete fire resistant construction floor fill concrete masonry core fill insulation lightweight base or fill and cement manufacture GRANULATED Molten slag is nbsp

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Cooling the slag with water produces a lightweight aggregate for use in masonry blocks and lightweight concrete with other slags and or with other natural rocks and sands Crushed and graded for concrete aggregates concrete sand glass insulation wool filter medium and use under concrete slabs as a platform

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1 Apr 1999 GP General Purpose cement is the limited time to trim and compact the material once mixed with the Crushed Rock FCR and Class CC3 Crushed Concrete stabilised with a range of cementitious materials incorporating Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag GGBFS Of particular interest in this study nbsp

Application of Blast Furnace Slag Sand in Cement Concrete–A Case

This paper highlights a case study of Granulated Blast Furnace Slag GBFS GBS sand application as a partial substitute of Crushed Stone Sand CSS in cement concrete Laboratory Studies were conducted for different grades of concrete viz M30 to M70 using blend of crushed stone sand and granulated slag sand in the nbsp

Study of Cement Mortar by Fully Replacement of River Sand with

The copper slag mortar mix shows better workability and mortar with 100 replacement of crush sand shows excellent compressive strength result over normal LITERATURE REVIEW H M A Mahzuz 1 and all 2011 studied that use of stone powder in concrete and mortar as an alternative of sand and found that stone nbsp

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Construction aggregate or simply quot aggregate quot is a broad category of coarse to medium grained particulate material used in construction including sand gravel crushed stone slag recycled concrete and geosynthetic aggregates Aggregates are the most mined materials in the world Aggregates are a component of nbsp

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Crushed and graded for concrete aggregates concrete sand glass insulation wool filter medium and use under concrete slabs Water Cooled Blast Furnace Slag The cooling process causes chemical changes to take place within the material giving the slag its cementitious properties The principal use is as cement nbsp

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